Yemeni Husai militants claim to launch missiles that hit a US warship

2024-01-25 07:38:28 Source: CCTV News App Sharing WeChat Weibo A+A-On January 24th local time, Yehya Sareya, spokesperson for the Yemeni Hussai armed forces, issued a statement stating that on the same day, the Yemeni Hussai armed forces clashed with multiple American destroyers and warships protecting two American merchant ships in the Gulf of Aden and the Strait of Mand. The Yemeni Hussai armed forces directly hit one American warship and forced two American merchant ships to evacuate and return. In addition, despite attempts by US warships to intercept, some ballistic missiles of the Houser armed forces still hit the target.The statement stated that the conflict lasted for more than two hours, and the Yemeni Husai armed forces used multiple ballistic missiles.The statement also stated that they will continue to prevent ships associated with Israel until the aggression against Yemen stops and the siege on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is lifted. The Yemeni Housai armed forces have declared that they will take all necessary military measures within their legitimate rights against all US and British targets in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea waters.Earlier that day, the US Central Command issued a statement stating that around 14:00 Sana’a time on January 24th, Yemeni Hussai militants fired three anti-ship ballistic missiles at the Maersk Detroit container ship flying the US flag in the Gulf of Aden. One missile fell into the sea, while the other two missiles were intercepted and shot down by the US destroyer Gravely. There are currently no reports of injuries to personnel or damage to ships. (CCTV reporter Jiang Haoyu) (Editor in charge: Wang Yi CN096)


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